KPH BLOG by Kevin Parker

22Mar 2018
Helios 7.5 tonne horsebox for sale

Pre-loved and fully refurbished KPH Helios 7.5 tonne horsebox for sale

Excellent condition


‘57 plate
150 bhp, manual gearbox
2.3 tonnes of payload
129,305 miles
Travelled less than 10,000 miles in the last 3 years
Serviced annually
6 recently new tyres
Sprayed in light metallic brown with orange highlights
Warm oak living
Cream and brown upholstery
Blown hot air, mains hook up, solar charging
Toilet and shower with extraction fan
Full auxiliary battery system
Mains inverter
23ft overall length – 8ft living area, 8ft 6 inch horse area
TV/DVD and aerial
CD player in cab
Horse area and ramp protected with Coat-X protective coating

  Extraction fan
Stainless steel ramp, partitions, rear frame and horse safety cell

Tack locker –  2 saddle racks – 2 bridle cups
2 skirt lockers
Horse and reversing cameras

Serious enquiries – please contact Janet on 01995 640 079 or email


If you would prefer a new Helios Horsebox, then please take a look at the full options here

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19Mar 2018
KPH horseboxes for sale with integrated solar charging - Blue and black Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender

KPH horseboxes for sale with integrated solar charging as standard

Our philosophy has always been one of innovation, incorporating the latest technology whilst maintaining strength and reliability for each horsebox model we manufacture. For KPH, innovations are not sales hooks or gimmicks; they are design features that must be of benefit to our horseboxes, customers and their horses. Many of these design features are hidden away behind the scenes and just quietly working in the background. An example of this and how we are leading through innovations are our full solar charging systems fitted as standard to all models.

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20Feb 2018
KPH horse safety and problematic horses

Horse Safety and problematic horses

Safety and primarily horse safety must be at the heart of any good horsebox design. For KPH our ethos continues to be manufacturing the safest possible horse transport for our customers and their horses. Planning and manufacturing around worst case scenarios generated a considerable list of safety items.

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14Feb 2018
KPH LTD champagne Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender horsebox

Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender horsebox is officially our bestselling model for 2018!

We are still in the first few months of 2018 and our Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender horsebox has taken first place for sales. Like all our models it is proudly manufactured onsite, in the UK by our skilled KPH craftsmen. Strange statement! we don’t think so, we actually feel it is important that customers should know for a certainty who manufactures their horsebox.
Walking visiting customers around our workshops and showing each stage of a build is an integral part of our business. We do not have sales men and we never have to push, we put all the relevant information in front of our customers and let them make an informed choice.

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30Dec 2017
Deciding to buy a horsebox - purple metallic Helios and Aeos horseboxes
Deciding to buy a horsebox is a relatively simple task.

But, Actually finding something to fit your individual requirements, that is lightweight, tough and capable of legally transporting your horses safely is more problematic.

It is in fact a minefield with designs, quality and safety features varying wildly across the board. I thought it would be worthwhile highlighting some items worth considering that may not at first be obvious.

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02Oct 2017
Used horsebox spraying from KPH

Our used horsebox paint process and a few items to consider when repainting

The team will strip the horsebox and store the parts safely. Next they wash and degrease where needed. The work from here on is far more involved than spraying a new horsebox manufactured with new materials, because the team have to take into account rusty steel, oxidised aluminium, residue from silicone cleaners and poorly keyed paint and accident damage.

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