Coat-X Protective Coatings


"Coat-X is a truly amazing product that has revolutionised our horse areas and ramps and we use it in every horsebox we manufacture. It has totally replaced heavy rubber matting and kick sheets and best of all, it has no joints or seams!"

What is Coat-X

We developed Coat-X to replace heavy rubber matting and kick sheet for our Aeos and Helios horsebox ranges. The KPH none slip coat-X finish has been independently Slip tested and outperformed rubber matting in both wet and dry tests and is rated to British Standards 7976-2.

The simplified explanation first: In brief, Coat-X has two components mixed in equal parts at the spray gun head, both under high pressure and temperature, causing a chemical reaction that dries in seconds.

The technical explanation: Coat-X Polyurea is created by the chemical reaction (polyaddition) between a polyamine (NH2-R-NH2) and a di-isocyanate (NCO-R-NCO), without the aid of a catalyst and is applied using a spray coating system in a one to one mix ratio.

When first looking for a spray-on protective coating or liner, customers often search for ‘spray-on rubber coating’ or ‘liquid rubber coating’ Coat-X is similar in many ways to rubber, but is actually a PU or Polyurea with many more advantages and none of the disadvantages.

Advantages of Coat-X:

  • Amazing durability for horsebox ramps and floors
  • No loss of load space
  • Replaces granulistic rubber flooring and heavy rubber matting
  • Replaces spray-on rubber and liquid rubber floor matting
  • Easy clean and not affected with urine or cleaning chemicals
  • Maintenance free and great for horsebox longevity
  • High impact resistance
  • Any thickness required
  • Sound deadening qualities
  • Smart one piece finish for horseboxes
  • Independently slip tested, both wet and dry to British Standards 7976-2
  • Can be sprayed on almost any surface
  • Contains no solvents
  • Environmentally safe
  • No V.O.C’s or C.F.C’s
  • Not affected by moisture or temperature
  • Not affected by ageing
  • Can be steam cleaned and power washed without damage

How long does it take to spray Coat-X?

Fortunately turnaround of work is very quick because of the touch dry nature of our product. It is totally dry in less than 10 seconds!

Our process

Once the vehicle arrives on site, the process is very simple whether it is a horsebox floor, horsebox ramp or coating a ply liner inside a van. Firstly, we mask up the whole vehicle to protect from overspray. If there are any screw holes or blemishes, we filled them and the whole area is sanded and cleaned off with panel wipe. Next we spray the whole area in Coat-X and lastly we demask, rebuild and clean up.

Endless possibilities of Coat-X as a liner or as a protective spray-on covering

The uses of Coat-X are limited only by the imagination of the user. New applications are continually being developed. To name just a few, we have used it to protect from water, urine, disinfectants, replacing rubber mats, rubber flooring for fairground rides, garden seats, boats, dog kennels, wet rooms, horse stables, horse trailer mats, cow cubicle mats and play area mats. We have even sprayed military armoured vehicle prototypes with Coat-X to protect against shrapnel (spoor liner) - the list goes on and on! It is easily cleaned and looks like new after each washing. It makes even older horseboxes and trailers look like new. With many projects down time can be very costly and Coat-X can reduce down time considerably, it can be handled and walked on in seconds.

The environment

Coat-X contains no solvents, it’s environmentally safe and has no V.O.C’s or C.F.C’s and is not affected by moisture or temperature conditions and being a quality Polyurea it is not affected by ageing.

If you have further questions please send an email from our Contact Us page. Alternatively call 01995640079 or if you would like to see videos showing more details please visit our You Tube channel