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Equine innovation

We are constantly looking to innovate and bring additional value to our customers. The wellbeing of the horses that are transported in our horseboxes is our primary concern and we wish to do everything in our power to ensure that they always arrive in tip top condition. Orscana from Arioneo fits absolutely into our philosophy for excellence.

How it works

A sensor in the horse’s rug allows our customers to monitor each horse for the duration of the journey and to absolutely know, without question, that each animal is comfortable whilst in transit, stabled or grazing. This exciting and totally new technology developed by Arioneo in France links to your mobile android or iso phone to give you information on your horses activity and comfort. The sensor monitors the body temperature of the horse and will provide alerts to your phone should the horse become too cold or too hot during the journey. Orscana also monitors your horses activity in the stable (time spent lying down, calm, disturbed and active movements). It measures humidity, temperature and gives advice according to weather forecast. Customers can store up to 30 days of data and even share information with friends. Whilst our primary concern is that of the horse when travelling, included with Orscana are several more pouches that can be sewn into any other type of rug, so that our horse owners can take advantage of the ability to understand what their horse is doing 24 hours a day, by simply moving the device from pouch to pouch. This clever device monitors whether your horse is lying down, is calm or agitated, or is active, whether it is in the stable or out at grass. By looking at the weather forecast it also advises and helps you decide what rug your horse needs for the day ahead. dessins-mode-demploi

We are now selling the Orscana sensors for £89.75 each.
To order, complete the Contact Us form or give us a ring on 01995640079.